Morning Links with Cinema Six, Boogie Board Dog

Here’s the trailer for Cinema Six, an indie premiering at the Dallas International Film Festival. You may note the FilmDrunk shirt worn by one of the characters. |FilmThreat|

Make Every Tweet Count, You Guys. It Could Be Your Last. |

Frotcast 89: HOT GOSS! (Oscar Party Edition), your new favorite indie bands |Film Drunk|

Atlanta Tops Forbes’ “America’s Most Miserable Sports City” List |Smoking Section|

Darren Aronofsky’s Ideas for a Batman Movie Were…Interesting |Gamma Squad|

Important News: What Ben Wallace Thinks Will Happen At Wrestlemania 28 |With Leather|

Discussion Post: How Many of Nielsen’s Top 25 Shows Do You Watch? |Warming Glow|

Christina Hendricks Dressed In Leather, Posing With Weapons |Buzzfeed|

Adult Swim’s 25 Worst Places to Die |Adult Swim|

7 Comedians Without Their Beards |HuffPost Comedy|

Top 10 Movies of 2012 to get excited about (which aren’t named Dark Knight Rises or Avengers) |FARK|

Lindsay Lohan’s face is a mess. Which makes sense, she’s 25 for God’s sake, practically an old maid. |TheSuperficial|

What Snooki’s kid will be like. |ModernMan|

6 Influential giant Japanese robots. |MentalFloss|

Dear Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences: Suck It | The 2011 Fun Oscars |Pajiba|

Best new party game: Tyler Perry movie titles. |Videogum|

Witness a nightmarish insect hatching. |TheDailyWhat|

Four Unsettling Implications Behind Last Year’s Romantic Comedies |Unreality|

66 mind sharting Tim and Eric gifs. |ScreenJunkies|

25 terribly civilized monkeys. |HolyTaco|

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