Morning Links, with Construction Dog

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03.29.12 13 Comments

Truth be told, he’s doing a terrible job laying that foundation, but I hear he’s a hell of a roofer. (Thanks, Robopanda) [via CoolDogs]

Gary Busey gets in a fight over the design of Heaven. Best Busey story ever? |Film Drunk|

The 25 Greatest ‘Manswers’ Screencaps |Warming Glow|

ROFLMNBAO: Heading Down The Home Stretch! |With Leather|

Uh, No. The Guys Behind ‘Harold And Kumar’ Want To Remake ‘Back To The Future’ |Gamma Squad|

Perpetual Bulldog Chasing a Ball |via TopTumbles|

Hall Of Fame Differences: Magic Johnson Buys Dodgers, Dennis Rodman Hits Rock Bottom |Smoking Section|

The Muppets Invade The Goldman Sachs Boardroom |UPROXX|

Jennifer Lawrence Makes Great First Impressions |Buzzfeed|

Movie Reviews From a Man Trapped Inside the Wall of a Theater |Adult Swim|

Elderly Woman Slams Into Glass Door at Apple Store, Sues for $1M |The FW|

11 Crappiest Movies Of Julia Roberts’s Career |Pajiba|

Arcade Machine Mix Up |Knocking Off|

Chris Klein, ‘American Reunion’ Star, On Being Left Out Of ‘American Wedding’ And Life After His ‘Mamma Mia’ Audition |HuffPost Entertainment|

Automatic Pizza Ordering Refrigerator Magnet, GOD DAMN FINALLY |Videogum|

6 Danny Trejo Characters We Would Cross the Street to Avoid |ScreenJunkies|

Poop Powered Vehicle |TheDailyWhat|

Lindsay Lohan’s guest starring on ‘Glee’ now, still no word on porn. |The Superficial|

5 Silly Reasons People Decided to Duel |Mentalfloss|

Yakov Smirnoff, Ladies and Gentlemen |HolyTaco|

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