Morning Links with Freaks and Dogs

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04.27.10 5 Comments

This is a big-ass compilation of a whole bunch of sh*t.  …It’s cooler than it sounds, I promise.  -Thanks to Dubs for the tip


Please look at my giant collection of extreme dog haircuts: XXXTREME DOG GROOMING, OOH WAH-AH AH-ARF! |Uproxx|

Stephen Hawking f*cking hates aliens. Refuses to speak to them, or stand when they enter the room. |GammaSquad|

Today in shocking news you’ll never believe, Jamarcus Russell is fat. |WithLeather|

In his new freestyle, Eminem urges you to “Get as rowdy as Roethlisberger in a bathroom stall.” |SmokingSection|

And now, little kids re-enact The Hills. |WarmingGlow|

Amy Winehouse fell down and hurt her titties.  In other news, this bitch is still alive. |Fark|

Can Zoe Saldana be the next Angelina Jolie?  *fart sound* |InsideMovies|

15 Big Lebowski mashups, dude. |Urlesque|

Tokyo’s maid cafes. |Asylum|

9 reasons people hate Tim Tebow. |EgoTV|

“Bukkake Milk.” |CollegeHumor|

Holy Taco salutes the potato gun. |HolyTaco|

Six comeback projects for Steven Seagal. |ScreenJunkies|

[Thanks to BDarbs for the tip]

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