Morning links with Jesus, man.

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“Jesus, man.”


Listen to the latest Frotcast, or Extremo will eat you. |Frotcast|

The Six Most Annoying Players In Online Games. |Uproxx

Why Does This Pastor Hate Yoga? |UproxxNews||

We got multiple Alison Brie boob gifs over here… |WarmingGlow|

Robot Teddy Bear is not to be trusted. |GammaSquad|

Charlie Crist throws like he’s got vaginas for hands. |WithLeather|

PICTURED: Monty Python gets a letter from the ratings board. Thanks, Jacktion!

Jersey Shore: Final Fantasy version. |NYCBarstoolSports|

7 comics who played mentally-ill characters. |Clutch|

A retarded sitcom about Lord of the Rings. |GorillaMask|

9 Aussie actors taking American roles. |ScreenJunkies|

Masters of None goes to NY Comic Con. |Masters|

Pet sex and you. |HolyTaco|

109 Cats In Sweaters. |Buzzfeed|

A Map of the Internet in 2010 |UnrealityMag|

Which of these Five A-List Projects Do You Give a Sh*t About? |Pajiba|

Eight Jealousy-Inducing Movie Parties. |TheSmokingJacket|

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