Morning Links with Moustair, my new favorite site

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11.09.11 4 Comments

It’s my new favorite site, Moustair! (I think it should always have an exclamation point). “Where men meets moustaches meets hair meets moustaches meets hair meets MOUSTAIR.”

TV Gourmet: Making the Steak-Tanic from ‘Happy Endings’ |Warming Glow|

Obits: Heavy D Dead At 44 |Smoking Section|

This Week in Posters: Tyler Perry, Step Up 4D, Sherlock Holmes |Film Drunk|

“Modern Warfare 3”: The Best And The Worst Game Of The Year |Gamma Squad|

With Leather Free Fantasy Football Returns: Win $250 With Draftstreet |With Leather|

The 42 Best Spin-Offs Of The Scumbag Steve Meme |Buzzfeed|

Seanbaby’s Library of a Madman – Catflexing |Adult Swim|

Skeletor to appear in Playboy next meth…er…month |FARK|

Rebecca Romjin still looks pretty good in a bikini. Yet something tells me hanging out with her and O’Connell would be torture. |TheSuperficial|

Reporter wears grape costume to interview kid in banana costume. |Videogum|

What five blockbusters can tell you about the financial crisis. |Nerve|

9 things everyone should know about North Dakota. |MentalFloss|

20 surprising things about the Duggars. |HolyTaco|

I can’t imagine you ever wanted to see Anthony Bourdain naked, but just in case… |ScreenJunkies|

Mario with other famous people’s mustaches. |DogandPonyshowwebsite|

Manly Marketing Campaign of the Day |The Daily What|

Where Are They Now? The Cast of Doogie Howser |Unreality|

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