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04.27.10 3 Comments

Vinnie is off doing one of his nude water coloring art exhibits again, so me and Chodin are leaving behind JDate and stroking the Internet kitten for you homely champions of Internet love…

From the land of Uproxx…

Robopanda once again conquers Mothra with his 7 Examples of Japanese Awesomeness. (Uproxx)

On one hand, Vincent Kartheiser is a complete goober, but on the other hand there’s Allison Brie… draw. (Warming Glow)

As a Dolphins fan, I would love to buy Ricky Williams some Funyuns. (With Leather)

This is the saddest I’ve been watching a monkey video since my mom recorded Ed over one of my favorite porns. (Gamma Squad)

And from the worlds of yonder…

Chuck Liddell gets his ass beat by nerds… at Wii. (Asylum)

Robin Hood through the ages begs you to hum “Everything I Do, I Do It For You” all day. (Inside Movies)

Christopher Walkin wants to bathe at Regis Philbin’s home, and that is the most normal thing he has said in 16 years. (Inside TV)

Thomas Kuhn gets a great endorsement from the Insane Clown Posse… I’m sure he loves that. (Urlesque)

AMC’s advertisements for Breaking Bad are even better than anything on other networks. (Comics Alliance)

I’m going to predict the future of this link about fraudulent psychics… there’s prison involved. (Guyism)

I wish John Carpenter would marry my mom. (Gunaxin)

20 memorable green characters, but not the annoying kind that tell you to recycle. (Unreality Mag)

Finally a NFL Draft list that won’t mention Tim Tebow. (Bleacher Report)

(Banner pic via Popartinferno)

– Burnsy

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