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09.20.11 5 Comments

I can’t tell if Super Box Cat has one eye or is just winking. I’d like to think one eye. And it got shot out by zee Germans. |via Cordelian|

COMEDY COMEDY COMEDY! Yo, I got a show tomorrow night in San Francisco. Flyer here. They say “high-brow,” but that just means I’ll be dressing up like a chola.

Yup, That’s A Burn: The Very Best Jokes From Comedy Central’s Celebrity Roasts |UPROXX|

This week’s Frotcast will melt your brain and bite your dick off. |Frotcast|

Best and Worst of the 2011 Emmys. (Worst: It’s still the Emmys). |Warming Glow|

Get Your Very Own Ol’ Dirty Bastard Food Stamp Card |Smoking Section|

Kenny Powers is Darth Vader |Gamma Squad|

“Suck For Luck” NFL Power Rankings: Week 2 |With Leather|

Lindsay Lohan did some drugs and made out with some dudes. |TheSuperficial|

Here’s a big ol’ gallery of famous people at the Emmys. |Videogum|

8 strange sea creatures. |MentalFloss|

Chelsea Brooke is a forlorn-looking, scantily-clad lass. |GorillaMask|

The dude who created Ziggy died. |TheDailyWhat|

10 Things Apple Is Worth More Than |Buzzfeed|

The 10 Least Promising Shows for Fall |AOL TV|

7 Reality stars we wish would get kidnapped. |ScreenJunkies|

World’s largest sperm bank no longer accepting sperm from redheads. Though your mom still is. |HolyTaco|

9 Best Web Contents of the Week |Adult Swim|

The 28 Most Dominating Emmy Winners of All Time |Pajiba|

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