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04.22.11 4 Comments

If you missed it, here is Vince’s review of Water For Elephants. (FilmDrunk)

Or Frotcast 44: Chappelle, Danzig stories, Who Wants to Be An Intern (Filmdrunk)

Originals vs. Remakes – WHOYAGOT? (Warming Glow)

Mark Zuckerberg wants to pay more taxes. He can start with mine. (Uproxx)

Week In Review: We Can Dance If We Want To (Uproxx News)

The Smoking Section is hiring writers. (TSS)

50 cats straight chillin’ (Uproxx)

Who did it better: original or remake? (Warming Glow)

Arcade boxing machine fail (With Leather)

A “love contract” exists. (Uproxx)

The search for the greatest ginger quarterback of all-time. (Kissing Suzy Kolber)

Awesome kid Thor commercial. (The Daily What)

Jay Baruchel says God can’t be a Bruins fan, presumably with a whiny voice. (Boston Barstool Sports)

Teen Mom’s husband is a cheater. Who would have guessed? (The Superficial)

Elsa Pataky is fun to look at. (Holy Taco)

Jim Carrey will guest star on The Office. *sigh* (ScreenJunkies)

Honest Anti-Marijuana PSAs (CollegeHumor)

The Best Weird Al Yankovic Videos (EgoTV)

Cats Try To Understand A Treadmill (Buzzfeed)

Watch the 2011 Boulder 4/20 Smokeout (Brobible)

10 Awful Foods That Taste Awesome High (CoedMag)

9 actors who turned down memorable movie roles (Guyism)

Five Hollywood Stories We Need to Give Up On (UnCoached)

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