Morning links with the World’s Greatest Ginger

This ginger mullet is the ginger mullet to end all ginger mullets. You could say it makes all others PALE in comparison. This guy is the perfect example of the number of f*cks I aspire to give. |via NextRound|


The crazy and coolest celebrity items ever sold at auction. |Uproxx|

Patton Oswalt’s rejected pitches for DC Comics. If Patton isn’t one of at least your top three comedians, you are wrong. |GammaSquad|

Krusty Burger spotted in Bolivia. |WarmingGlow|

A hot sideline reporter? Imagine that. |WithLeather|

How a dude on Twitter convinced the lead singer of Smash Mouth to eat two dozen eggs for charity. |Buzzfeed|

50 rap songs about cars. |TSS|

This new crackdown on people buying puppies while drunk seems aimed directly at me. |TheDailyWhat|

Not that I care about LeAnne Rimes, but did she go completely nuts or what? |TheSuperficial|

Little girl eating sh*t on a slip and slide. Videos like this will never not be funny. |GorillaMask|

Your latest True Blood recap, for you True Blood and True Blood recap fanatics. |Videogum|

Hot female murderers you’d probably go home with. |HolyTaco|

Casting the inevitable Casey Anthony movie. Is it weird that I still know next to nothing about this case?  |ScreenJunkies|

Monkey takes sweet self portrait. |NYCStool|

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