Morning Links with the world’s sexiest tattoo

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11.08.11 7 Comments

This young lass seems so demure. I wonder where she went to finishing school. |Buzzfeed|

SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL FILMDRUNKARD: Help Pauly Dangerously perform at Caroline’s. That dirty son of a bitch. |Pauly|

Listen to our latest Frotcast with Lindy in a nightgown. It will be the most important thing you do today. |Frotcast|

Charlie Day = Good ‘SNL’ |Warming Glow|

Sarah Jessica Parker feet are pretty gross looking. Also, she’s at a horse race. |With Leather|

In Memoriam: MST3K’s Andy Rooney Contest |Warming Glow|

Tarantino & The RZA Connect: Wu-Tang Leader Joins “Django Unchained” Cast |Smoking Section|

These Dark Knight Rises Set Photos And Videos Are A Riot |Gamma Squad|

The Mike Tyson quotes song. |GorillaMask|

Dr. Conrad Murray found guilty of manslaughter, so sleep easy tonight, eccentric junkie billionaires. …Or perhaps you won’t be able to sleep easy. This is a tough one. |Superfish|

Ever wondered what would happen if you set off ALL the fireworks at once? This. Just stop wondering and click the link, stupid. |Videogum|

“Kitty City” is not at all what you would expect it to be. Aw. |DogAndPonyShowWebsite|

10 facebook status updates gone horribly wrong. |MentalFloss|

Justin Bieber’s official response to the baby mama drama. |HolyTaco|

9 celebrity quotes more offensive than Brett Ratner’s. |ScreenJunkies|

Amy Fisher loses to Octomom in celebrity boxing event after taking a few well placed shots to the head. ZING! |FARK|

The 70 Greatest Last Film Lines of the Modern Era |Pajiba|

Out: Richter scale. In: Donkey-scratching scale. |The Daily What|

A Gallery of Modernist Superheroes |Unreality|

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