Morning Links, with Voldemort’s least favorite game

Someone really should’ve thought of this sooner.  |via FlyingScotsman|


Oblivious riot make-out couple are a meme. |Uproxx|

Robopanda reviews Falling Skies. That sentence is better without context. |GammaSquad|

Mac from It’s Always Sunny gained 50 pounds for the “sheer comedy of playing his character as a fat guy.” |WarmingGlow|

Children with lemonade stand ruin golf. |WithLeather|

Is this the most infuriating person in mailbag history? |KissingSuzyKolber|

Guess what Tone Loc got for a Father’s Day gift. |SmokingSection|

Here’s the new teaser for The Dark Knight Rises, which is great if you like words and logos with no footage. |WWTDD|