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09.14.09 17 Comments

Does anyone actually like motion-capture besides Robert Zemeckis?

After the jump you can watch the first full trailer for his A Christmas Carol starring digital Jim Carrey.  The 3-D, motion-capture-animated adaptation of the Dickens’ tale beautifully combines two technological innovations that I hate.  I’ve said it before, but look, if you want to animate something, just draw the damned thing. (and if you want to put a fleshlight in someone’s hand, use Photoshop).  Motion-capture still doesn’t look as good as photography, and none of the “nifty” effects are as cool as real-world special effects like costumes and pyrotechnics.  And you know how in real life you can see people’s pupils expand and contract as they focus on stuff and adjust to light?  They don’t seem to do that in motion-capture, and it makes people look… well, sorta weird.  Which we might be able to accept if there were… you know, any actual benefit to motion capture.  I don’t want to sit through this technology’s growing pains any more than I would’ve wanted to be the first guy to get a heart transplant.  “Did it work?”  “Nah, he’s dead.  Maybe next time we should try filling him with baboon blood first, I just have a hunch.”

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