Move over, Andy Serkis, Kellan Lutz to star in a mo-cap Tarzan movie

If you don’t know who Kellan Lutz is, consider yourself lucky, but by way of short introduction, he’s the slightly-less goblin-faced version of Cam Gigandet who famously asked “do you wanna see my shit?” in an underpants commercial. He’s probably most famous for his portrayal that one dude, no not AmanDUH, the other one in Twilight. Well now he’s been tapped to play Tarzan. Yes, Tarzan. A guy named “Kellan” is going to play Tarzan. But aside from that, I know what you’re thinking, “Yeah, but he looks good with his shirt off and can probably grunt semi-convincingly.”

WELL NOT SO FAST. It turns out the whole thing is going to be motion capture.

The “Twilight” actor has been cast in a new Tarzan film as the title character, while actress Spencer Locke (“Resident Evil: Afterlife”, “Cougar Town”) is in talks to play his romantic counterpart Jane. The sorta-interesting part? The film will be fully animated using performance-capture technology.

The German production company Constantin Film is behind this one, and they have a guy named Reinhard Klooss attached to direct from a script by himself, Jessica Postigo (“The Mortal Instruments”) and Yoni Brenner (“Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs”). [HitFix]

Phew, I’ve always wondered if there was a way to imbue a character with Kellan Lutz’s acting skills without people having to look at his pretty face and body, I don’t know how this could possibly go wrong. Maybe next they can get C-Tates to play Dumbo. “Yo, girl, like put a feather in my trunk or whatever.”

I hope there’s a way to add homoerotic lacrosse drama:

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