Movie blogger on the run from cops. Hopefully.

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06.30.10 14 Comments

So there’s this film site,  They’re usually big into organizing parties for Comic-Con and whatnot, and this year I’d heard there’d been some personnel reshuffling over there under mysterious circumstances — which I didn’t think would be all that interesting to you the reader.  However, the Wrap published an exclusive on the story a few minutes ago, and dare I say, it’s a bit of a bombshell.

Film producer Robert Sanchez, 36, the founder of the pioneering fanboy movie website, has been missing for roughly three weeks after allegations of sexual misconduct with his underage stepdaughter surfaced, police have told TheWrap.

Detectives are seeking Sanchez in connection with allegations of sexual abuse regarding “things to do with his stepdaughter and the Internet,” Tracy Dorsey, a spokeswoman for the Rancho Cucamonga police department told TheWrap on Wednesday.

Asked about rumors circulating among Hollywood’s online film community that the 36-year-old Sanchez had videotaped himself drugging and raping his stepdaughter [would a person be so dumb as to knowingly film himself doing something illegal? seems doubtful. -Ed.], Dorsey replied: “We’re looking into all of those allegations.”

TheWrap was told that the girl is 14 years old, or thereabouts.

As to rumors that Sanchez was presumed dead of a suicide, Dorsey said only that Sanchez had been evading police, who have been unable to locate him.

As my idol Joey Lawrence might say, “Whoa.”

Being more of a comedy site than a fanboy site, I’m not as privy to the movie blogger gossip chain as a lot of people.  I never met the guy in person, but having exchanged one or two emails with him over the years, I can report that he never tried to drug or rape me over the internet (though I’ve often been compared to a 14-year-old girl).  And if movie blogs were going to get wrapped up in a fugitive manhunt, I always pictured me and those dorks from Pajiba holding each other as we drove off a cliff in an electric wheelchair like Thelma & Louise.  Sorry, I kid.  But seriously, I hope this isn’t true and it works itself out in the least screwed up way for all involved.

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