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07.06.09 26 Comments

Rupert Grint, the guy who plays Ron Weasley in Harry Potter, is reportedly recovering from a “mild case” of Swine Flu, the pandemic that’s still going to ravage the Earth like killer bees did when we were kids, if you believe what you hear on the local news.

Christian Hodell of Hamilton Hodell management said Saturday that Grint took a few days away from the set of the latest film, but has now been able to return to work.

Man, first you name him “Rupert Grint*,” then he comes out a hideous ginger, and now he’s got swine flu?  Poor kid can’t catch a break. You know, other than being a famous movie star and getting to make out with Emma Watson.  God I hate my life.

*What the hell do you call a guy named Rupert, anyway?  Ru?  Rupe? Pert? I’m guessing he gets a lot of “hey, dipshit,” and slaps upside the head.

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