This Week In Movie Posters: Teenage Mutant Ninja Nice Guys

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05.09.16 44 Comments

This week in this week in posters, we begin with Amateur Night, starring Jason Biggs and his wife, Jenny Mollen. “Amateur Night,” huh? Must about the guy who designed this poster, am I right! Hey drive safe out there no it’s okay I was already leaving.

I want to say I’ve seen other posters with the subject being stepped on, but I can’t think of them off of the top of my head, so I’ll simply say that Jason Biggs has a very good “here we go again!” face. He’s almost a cartoon character.

Jason Biggs is Guy Carter, an insecure expectant father who, unable to find work in his field, accepts a job driving hookers around Los Angeles. [IMDb]

Hookers! Well that’s unconventional. I bet every time a hooker gets in with another whacky job, Jason Biggs is like “Well, here we go again!”

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