SUPERCUT: Johnny Depp Making Funny Faces

07.02.13 5 years ago 5 Comments

I love the idea of this new ScreenJunkies supercut, which highlights Johnny Depp’s key contribution to cinema: the silly-face reaction shot. If Dominique Wilkins was the Human Highlight Reel, Johnny Depp is the Human Reaction Shot Reel. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, mind you, it’s a legitimate talent. He’s the only human being that can pull off the kind of joke punctuating normally reserved for a dog covering its eyes with its paws. He has those gentle eyes that seem to say “Ruh roh, here we go again.”

My only criticism of this supercut is that it should be at least 10 times as long. How do you leave out Dark Shadows? That movie was at least 50 percent Johnny Depp making silly faces. I even called it “a feast of reactions shots” in my review. I tell ya, it really irks me the way the world just goes along not chiseling every word I say into the foundation of their frontal lobes. Can’t you sacks of turds see how important I am?


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