Watch: Everything wrong with The Dark Knight Rises in 3 Minutes or Less

Senior Editor
01.04.13 66 Comments

MovieMistakes counts 24 mistakes in The Dark Knight Rises, good for third most of the year behind Men in Black III‘s 63. But CinemaSins, who created the above video, take a more liberal view of what they deem a “sin,” counting 73. Either way, the important thing is that someone is quantifying movies. If no one converts them into numbers, I’ll have to wash my hand 37 more times or else my mom will get cancer.

Some of these are nitpicky, obviously, but I think the two that bugged me the most in an “OH COME ON!” kind of way while I was watching the movie were the scene where the cops with pistols and batons charge the criminals with machine guns (why are you charging? your gun shoots projectiles. find some cover.) and Bruce Wayne getting his back fixed in prison.

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