Movie-Themed Food Truck Ideas Part 2: Rom-Com Edition

What started out as a simple picture of the Grillenium Falcon posted on Facebook turned into a global phenomenon. Our movie (and some TV) themed food truck idea blew the hell up on these interwebs as sites all over the place were posting away about how cool we all are for making ridiculous puns. Even Universal Studios posted it on Facebook. Girls have been mailing us their panties like crazy. Margaret Thatcher called me and was all like, “Hey boo, shine your knob, guvna?” So we wondered if we should give it another go and the answer was, “Does C-Tates have a burnt ding dong?”
We decided that Part 2 should be devoted to our favorite (read: least) movie genre – the rom coms. Because why not celebrate awesome food puns with the movies that make us want to puke? We hope you enjoy what we’ve put together for you today and please feel free to add your own in the comments so that we can use them for future installments of this blessed FilmDrunk franchise.

(And if we used your idea, feel free to take credit for it and brag in the comments.)