Ready All the Boners: The Final Pacific Rim Trailer is Here

I finally received my press screening invite to Pacific Rim yesterday, and I got so excited that I drove down to the pet store and punched all the lizards, shouting “How you like that, Mr. Hitler!”

I think that’s a line from Red Tails, but like I said, I was excited. This is just the best premise for a summer movie, you guys. “So… what if some Godzillas came and we had to build Robot Jox to fight them?”

This latest trailer focuses a bit more on the Jox, er, pilots, especially lead dude Charlie Hunnam, who plays your typical brash upstart, who could realize his limitless potential if only he could just stop being so damned brash. “Have you got a mirror in your pants, kid? Because I see glimpses of myself in you.”

We also hear about the process of the “Neural Handshake” – ooh, tré scientifique – whereby “two pilots meld memories with the body of a machine. The deeper the bond, the better you fight.”

Who knew the robots were so emo?! “Look, son, it’s pretty straightforward: the more the bots can identify with you pissin’ your pants at sleepaway camp when you were 11, they better they’re gonna perform come lizard punchin’ time. Capisce?”

Anyway, I can’t wait for this movie. Ooh, I wonder if they ever let the Asian chick talk.