SUPERCUT: ‘Squint Eastwood’ Celebrates Clint Eastwood’s Mastery Of Confused Reaction Shots

Clint Eastwood has only been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor two times in his career, and he unfortunately remains 0-for-2 in that category. Sure, he’s won two Oscars for Best Director, one for Million Dollar Baby and the other for Metallica’s The Unforgiven, and both of those films also earned the Academy Awards for Best Picture, but Eastwood has still never captured the industry’s highest honor for a thespian. Of course, many wonder if he’ll ever have another chance since he ain’t getting any younger at the ripe, old age of 82.

But a lot of critics might suggest that Eastwood has always been a one-trick pony with his scowling tough guy routine, and I’d argue that it was that very routine that should have earned him the Best Actor Oscar in 1992 over Al Pacino’s shouting blind man from Scent of a Woman. Alas, that was 20 years or almost one full Kate Upton ago, and I’m in a celebratory mood, as opposed to my standard scowling young guy mood. Thankfully, Slacktory’s Brian Menegus tossed together a tribute to Eastwood’s signature facial expression, entitled “Squint Eastwood” and now you can relive all of his best moments in one 3-minute video.

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