MTV Has Announced Its Top 10 Movies Of The Year

It’s time for the mainstream media’s year-end lists to start pouring in, and among the first with its list of the best movies of 2013 is MTV, which isn’t necessarily the first outlet that we think of when it comes to picking quality, artistic films. But that’s mostly because MTV isn’t looking for the traditional definition of “best,” as much as the network that used to play music videos was looking for “the ones we really love” and “the films that don’t feel like anything else we saw this year.” From the heart, bros, just how it should be done.

So at the end of the day, which movie is MTV’s best of 2013 and therefore the early frontrunner to take home the golden popcorn, as (presumably) presented by Lorde and BooBoo Stewart next year?

1. Gravity

… when “Gravity” actually opened in theaters with that massive first look at the Earth and the little, insignificant beings floating above it, there was just silence. Audiences watched, completely wrapped up in what they were seeing, trying to figure out how they could be seeing it, and promising to tell everyone they knew about it. Alfonso Cuarón, Sandra Bullock, George Clooney and the crew may have killed the “TV is the new cinema” argument in one fell swoop. – Kevin P. Sullivan

As for the rest of the list…

2. This is the End

3. Wolf of Wall Street

4. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

5. Iron Man 3

6. 12 Years a Slave

7. American Hustle

8. Spring Breakers

9. World War Z

10. The World’s End

That’s a mixed bag right there, sure to get people of all ages arguing. For example, I guarantee there’s a teenager out there somewhere in a YOLO tank top and neon yellow wayfarers Tweeting to his bros about what bullsh*t it is that Spring Breakers finished behind 12 Years a Slave. “This is f*cked up,” he writes, adding, “What did the slaves ever do that was better than Vanessa Hudgens?” Prove me wrong, youth of America.

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