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02.22.08 49 Comments

Oh snap!  Sly’s getting totally busted on in Myanmar:

YANGON, Myanmar – Sylvester Stallone’s Rambo character looks like a fat lunatic in his new movie, a Myanmar magazine said this week. …An article in The Voice, a Myanmar-language magazine, decried Rambo’s bloodletting and said he "looks funny fighting a war even though he’s so fat with sagging breasts." [Source

Of course, response to the movie differed slightly in news outlets not controlled by the military junta. 

"We need many Rambos in Myanmar," said a 75-year-old retired civil servant after watching it.
"Everyone likes to live in the world of fantasy at least for a short period. Even in a movie, we are happy to see the American mercenary enter Myanmar to smash up the brutal army," a 22-year-old university student said.

In response to the popularity of the banned Rambo DVDs, the junta has sped up the release of its government-sponsored animated feature, in which Bonky the Friendly Octopus protects the gentle emperor from an army of dangerous pacifists with his batons of truth.  And taking his cue from the Myanmar government, a recent commercial for U.S. Senator Barack Obama accused fellow presidential candidate Hillary Clinton of having "a big hairy bucket cunt."    

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