“Naked Girls Reading Pulp Fiction”

Do you find strip clubs lacking in culture?  Are readings too literary?  Big fan of on-the-nose titles?  Well an event called “Naked Girls Reading Pulp Fiction” might be just the thing for you.

Not quite sure if this sounds incredibly funny or incredibly stupid but what we have here is exactly what it sounds like.Young women taking off their clothes and reading before a live audience. The women — Scarlett Letter, Angelita Purrvertina, Miss Josie Bunnie, and La Fille Damnee — normally work as burlesque dancers. This time around they’ll be reading from detective stories, men’s magazines, trashy novels and sleazy sex paperbacks. And for kicks, there is a free wine reception after the show. It’s still a pretty win-win situation. [LAWeekly – though the post is gone now]

Ha, “Angelita Purrvertina.”  Sounds like a case of Isabella Tryingtooharderella there.  Naked women reading though, huh?  Well la di dah, Princess Smartypants, are you going to keep your pinkie out during the handjob too?  Whatever, I’m still wearing sweatpants.  Anyway, I haven’t seen any reviews of the event yet, so if you’ve got an eye witness report, I’d love to hear it.  Something tells me Eric Stoltz’ famous “you mean the one with all the sh*t in her face?” line could apply to most of the actresses in this case.  And the audience.