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02.22.10 30 Comments

One of my favorite things Natalie Portman ever did was her gangsta-rap digital short, and she’s got a couple projects coming up that could be similar in tone.  Pajiba reports that she’s producing and starring in Best Buds, a female stoner comedy in the vein of Harold & Kumar about “two best female friends who take a road trip to their friend’s wedding in order to save her by bringing her weed.”  According to leading consultants on prison slang, the “Bud” in the title may actually refer to marihuana.

Portman also had a supporting role in Hesher, which was awesome, but not really because of her, and appeared in Your Highness, James Franco and Danny McBride’s medieval stoner comedy.  Recently there was an early test screening and /Film has compiled the reactions.  Said one IMDB review:

It is most definitely R rated. Very vulgar, lots of nudity and very, very funny. The acting was fine, lots of respectable actors and Natalie Portman is great because she takes it very seriously, she has hilarious lines but says them with complete seriousness and passion, it worked great.

So basically, Natalie Portman overachieved and graduated from Harvard, but now she’s back for the summer and trying to relate by getting high with the townies.

*bong load* Whoa.  Has anyone, like, ever told you you look just like that chick from The Professional*cough* I used to, like, beat it to that movie all the time.

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