Natalie Portman Stars in ‘Homewrecking Baby Killer’

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12.28.10 19 Comments

The trailer
for The Other Woman opens with fresh-faced secretary Natalie Portman (fresh off the news that she’s pregnant and engaged) introducing herself to her new boss, Jack Wolf.  “Hi, I’m Amelia Greenleaf,” she says.  Then Amelia Greenleaf and Jack Wolf exchange smiles, and before you know it, they’ve embarked upon a whirlwind romance, presumably conducted entirely over 555 numbers.

They hit it off, and just when she’s about to bone him for the first time, she says, “As long as you don’t say you’ve never done this before and you’re afraid you’ll hurt your wife.”  And then he says that exact thing!  And she bones him anyway!  Oh these fickle sluts, they always say they want the exact opposite of what they actually want.  But we know the truth, don’t we, oily rag soaked in chloroform.

Anyway, yadda yadda yadda, she has his baby and then rolls over on it in her sleep and it dies, and her friend is all, “you have to take a more active role in your own grief!”  And that’s when Lisa Kudrow shows up.  THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT, JEWISH CLIVE OWEN!  Pretty typical, when you think about it.

[The Other Woman gets an On Demand release courtesy of IFC on January 1st, and plays select theaters February 4th]

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