07.31.07 11 years ago

If you need something to lift your spirits after watching Jason Lee talk about how great 'Under Dog' is on the morning talk show circuit, the red-band trailer for '30 Days of Night' should do the trick.  The only thing that gets me more sexually excited than squinty Josh Hart-Throb is vampire babies getting killed via axe.  And judging by the guy's reaction, that was once his little sister.  Sweet.  Oh, and the age verification software sucks, so if you're having trouble, someone on Digg recommends using George Bush's info (7-6-46, 20500), or MPAA president Daniel Glickman (11-24-44, 20016).

Rumor has it that 'Shoot 'Em Up's official site also has a red-band trailer if you click on "trailer" and then "age-restricted content", but it looks like the site's down right now.   


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