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01.08.08 14 Comments

It’s now being reported that the Bond girl in Bond 22 will be Olga Kurylenko, who could previously be seen in Hitman and behind a bush outside her bedroom window.

Gemma Arterton, whose casting I reported on before, will play an MI6 agent named Fields.

In Bond 22, her character’s name is Camille, who the press release says will simultaneously challenge Bond and “helps him come to terms with emotional consequences of Vesper’s betrayal”; the aforementioned Vesper being Vesper Lynd, the double-crossing lass played by Eva Green in Casino Royale. [/film]

Camille, eh?  I’m impressed that they managed to stick her with a name even less sexy than Olga.  But in any case, her casting is welcome news because, if one were so inclined, one could find pictures of her vagina on the internet (thanks, Google Image Search).  And as momma always taught me, that’s the true test of a lady.   

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