New Clip From ‘Captain America: Winter Soldier’ Stars Georges St. Pierre As ‘Batroc The Leaper’

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03.06.14 59 Comments
"I am not eemprezzed wid your touch screenz."


"I am not eemprezzed wid your touch screenz."

It’s funny to me that Marvel would cast recently retired UFC welterweight champion as a villain in Captain America: Winter Soldier, because GRRR, FIGHTERS ARE SCARY! Because GSP’s appeal as a fighter has always been that he plays against type, that he seems like such a sweet, humble guy who nonetheless kicks people’s asses for a living (or at least gives them an aggressive smothering).

Then again, it does make a sort of sense that “Captain America” would have a nemesis who’s Fronch-Canadiyaawn. “O, allo dere, Capton Amereeka. I yam just anjoyeeng zeez bookz ahnd free oonivarsal ‘ealthscare.”

Anyway, here’s GSP in Captain America: Winter Soldier, playing “Batroc the Leaper,” a guy “who’s got a rep for creating maximum casualties.”

Well yeah, that and, uh… leaping, I assume.

Anyone else think this looks like a network sitcom? But at least they squeezed in lots of touch-screen computers and people talking into their hands, I get real pissed if that doesn’t happen in an action movie.

Opens March 28th in the UK and most of Europe, April 4th in the US.

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