New Clip From ‘Captain America: Winter Soldier’ Stars Georges St. Pierre As ‘Batroc The Leaper’

It’s funny to me that Marvel would cast recently retired UFC welterweight champion as a villain in Captain America: Winter Soldier, because GRRR, FIGHTERS ARE SCARY! Because GSP’s appeal as a fighter has always been that he plays against type, that he seems like such a sweet, humble guy who nonetheless kicks people’s asses for a living (or at least gives them an aggressive smothering).

Then again, it does make a sort of sense that “Captain America” would have a nemesis who’s Fronch-Canadiyaawn. “O, allo dere, Capton Amereeka. I yam just anjoyeeng zeez bookz ahnd free oonivarsal ‘ealthscare.”

Anyway, here’s GSP in Captain America: Winter Soldier, playing “Batroc the Leaper,” a guy “who’s got a rep for creating maximum casualties.”

Well yeah, that and, uh… leaping, I assume.

Anyone else think this looks like a network sitcom? But at least they squeezed in lots of touch-screen computers and people talking into their hands, I get real pissed if that doesn’t happen in an action movie.

Opens March 28th in the UK and most of Europe, April 4th in the US.