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01.19.10 13 Comments

After the jump, I’ve got some new clips from Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, a new horror comedy starring Alan Tudyk that looks a little like Cabin Fever.  Only this time, it’s told from the hillbillies’ perspective, who can’t figure out why all these college kids came out to the woods to terrorize them and die accidentally.  It looks pretty funny, and I should have a review for you next week, my too-hot-for-Sundance-press-credentials status notwithstanding.  At the very least, I hope it gets picked up for distribution and makes lots of money so Alan Tudyk won’t have to do cell phone commercials anymore.  Wait, I just looked it up and it turns out it’s actually just a DirecTV commercial in which he watches TV on a cell phone.  Phew.  Last thing we need is another Luke Wilson.  Have you heard?  AT&T’s new 3G network allows him to eat two sandwiches at the same time.

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