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This is the new age-restricted clip (you have to enter your birthday in order to watch it, so basically it’s restricted to those who can subtract 18 from the current year) from Doomsday, written and directed by Neill Marshall (who previously did The Descent, which was admittedly pretty sweet). 

Doomsday’s wikipedia page describes the scene:

A massive car chase scene was also filmed for Doomsday, described by Marshall to be one part Mad Max, one part Bullitt (1968), and one part "something else entirely different". 

Um, yeah. I’m assuming they finished the Mad Max part and then ran out of time.  I can’t believe this is a real movie.  It looks Mad Max re-imagined as a Bentley commercial.  Plus, no feral boy?  What the fuck. 

Interesting side note:  The guy who played the Feral Kid in Mad Max is now 35, lives in Palo Alto, California, runs a lawn supply and nursery where he "specializes in unique hybrid varieties of orchids", and is engaged to the former child actress who played the little girl in Aliens.  If that’s not true it’s the lamest hoax in history.  

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