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11.03.09 32 Comments

This is the trailer for Eli Craig’s Tucker & Dale vs. Evil ,starring the great and still-surprisingly-unknown Alan Tudyk.  It’s a horror comedy that thankfully doesn’t involve zombies.  Instead it takes the familiar college-kids-go-camping-in-the-backwoods plot, but the twist is that this time, the hillbillies are the good guys, and they only seem like psycho killers because of repeated, Three’s Company-esque misunderstandings.  Even if the writing turns out to be not as good as, say, Zombieland, I appreciate that writer-director Craig took a more novel approach than just ripping off Shaun of the Dead.

As a person who grew up in the country, I also appreciate someone finally taking on that odd horror movie cliché where everyone from the country lives to terrorize city folk.  It doesn’t even make sense. If you came to my home town, we wouldn’t do anything bad to you, we’d probably just take you out to blow stuff up and drink beers around a bonfire.  Unless of course you touched my ‘still, in which case I’d hafta pork you in the rape hole, just ta learn ya a lesson. *farts into spittoon*

[trailer via Bloody-Disgusting]

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