Japanese film: Sex doll becomes machine gun mid-coitus

Clive Owen famously brought Monica Bellucci to orgasm while shooting bad guys in Shoot ‘Em Up, a scene which was later ripped off, er, homage’d by Nic Cage and Charlotte Ross in Drive Angry, which added the delightful one-liner, “I never disrobe before a gun fight.”

But as always, leave it to the Japanese to one-up us yet again. After the jump, in this new trailer for Yakuza Weapon, a character has sex with a sex doll whose head detaches, revealing a machine gun that he uses to kill everyone while he’s having sex with it. Penetration, meet perforation. Uhhhh, Coitus… ShootEmUpCus? (*sigh*) I guess I won’t be needing these. (*tosses sunglasses in trash*)

Your move, Robert Rodriguez.  I guess your little penis gun from Dusk Till Dawn looks pretty stupid now, doesn’t it.  Sorry, I’m exaggerating.  It was always pretty stupid.

Thanks to ToplessRobot, who deserve a Pulitzer for discovering this.  Click-through to the following pages for some of my favorite (possibly NSFW) screencaps.