The New ‘Maleficent’ Trailer Reveals The Evil Behind Angelina Jolie’s Cheeks

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01.21.14 16 Comments


Disney’s most mispronounced name of evil is back in the live action film Maleficent, as Angelina Jolie stars as the terrifying witch that places a dark curse on Aurora in Sleeping Beauty. In this latest trailer from Disney, those of us who are too old and crotchety to remember this fairy tale are reminded of just how evil and manipulative Maleficent can be with her sexy goth stripper looks and seemingly pleasant disposition, before she breaks out the evil magic that tries to stop Prince Phillip from awakening his one true love.

You know, a lot of people believe that Maleficent is Disney’s greatest villain, but I’m going to play my contrarian card and cast my vote for Ma Beagle. Not only did she prove to be a constant thorn in the side of Scrooge McDuck – she even succeeded in stealing his entire fortune one time – but she raised seven dog children to become criminals as well. What’s worse is that she always looked out for herself and avoided prison while her Beagle Boys ended up in jail. Maleficent didn’t ever breed, which really makes me question her commitment to evil. Ma Beagle > Maleficent all day.

Ma Beagle

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