Looks like Keanu remade Bloodsport, basically

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04.22.13 14 Comments

Back in June, I posted a “proof of concept” video showing a newfangled camera rig that Keanu Reeves was using to shoot his directorial debut, A Man of Tai Chi, and today we have a trailer. It’s actually right above these words, and you can watch it by clicking the little sideways triangly thingy.

Lots of action has been promised, Tiger Hu Chen (one of the stuntmen on “The Matrix” films) and Iko Uwais of “The Raid” are among the folks throwing fists and feet in the flick, and Reeves seems to certainly have been pushing himself. [ThePlaylist]

It looks like your basic kumite plot, and it appears that it’s even borrowed the octagonal ring like the UFC uses (who may have gotten their idea from Chuck Norris’s 1980 movie The Octagon). Keanu plays the man running the tournament, and his performance may go down in history as the most understated martial arts kingpin ever. “I know kung fu?” Of course, a martial arts movie like this is more about the quality of fight choreography than anything else, and the trailer is less intriguing than the dolly video in that regard. But no matter how it turns out, it’s just nice to see that directing makes Keanu so happy.

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[trailer via TwitchFilm]

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