They made another trailer for The Internship, and they forgot to put in jokes again

Like most beer-loving bro-dawgs my age, I have fond memories of Wedding Crashers. It wasn’t high art, but it worked, and it’s still hard for me to see Bradley Cooper as anything but an A-holey Maryland WASP. I never would’ve guessed Vince Vaughn would go the next eight years without making a single funny movie, but here we are. Nonetheless, I’m more than willing to see these two relive the magic, and even if the guy from Cheaper by the Dozen and Date Night probably wasn’t the best choice to direct comedy, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson becoming interns at Google seems like a perfectly cromulent premise. There’s plenty opportunity for wacky characters and cameos and fish-out-of-water hijinks. But I think I’ve isolated the problem here, and hear me out: it seems that they forgot to put in jokes. Those are important in comedy.

The trailer ends with an old man hitting them in the face and nuts, with Vince Vaughn shouting “Professor X is an dii(cut)!” Let’s be honest, that entire gag wouldn’t have been out of place in a Seltzer-Friedberg movie. Pop culture reference + nutshot + yelling = THAT’S THE ENTIRE JOKE. And Vince Vaughn has no one to blame but himself, since he co-wrote the thing. Presumably while being chased.

Opens June 7th.