New Officialer But Still Bootleg Trailer for Amazing Spider-Man

Word on the street is that Sony says this trailer (which first showed up on Movie-List this morning and quickly jammed their server) still isn’t the “official” trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man. But if that’s true, why is it exactly the same as the butcammed version from a few days ago, which seems to have been shot in a theater? It sounds more like it’s an early leak of the real trailer that Sony is calling unofficial so that they can give the exclusive to their preferred outlet later in the week. But I suppose there’s an outside chance this is leaked, unfinished footage, so draw your own conclusions there. Yeesh, this is way less fun than wiener jokes. What do I look like, a journalist? (*takes off pink speedo with “JOURNALIST” printed on crotch*)

Aaanyway, the trailer. Is there anything to say about this trailer? It looks like a fairly straightforward remake of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man with some POV shots ripped from the old video game thrown in to make the 3D seem more exciting (which works, mostly). I like the cast better too. But enough to make a remake of the origin story we all know seem necessary? Ehhhh. It’s more shrugworthy than dismissive wank-inducing, so I guess that’s something. Oh and hey. Is super-thick hair one of Spider-Man’s spider-bite-induced mutations? Because look at that kid! I could upholster my van with that shag. Does anyone else think Scarfield is a dead ringer for Emo Llama?

[Stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Martin Sheen, Sally Field, Denis Leary, and Rhys Ifans, directed by Marc Webb. Opens July 3, 2012. Thanks to ScreenJunkies for the embed.]