New Pictures from Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Unlike The Great Gatsby, I haven’t actually read Stieg Larsson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (thanks a lot, high school English class), so I may not be the best person to explain what’s going on in these new pictures from David Fincher’s adaptation (opening December 21st). Here’s what I do know: that’s Rooney “boring tits” Mara as Dame Lizardbreath von Salamander on the left, consoling Dutch actor Yorick van Wageningen (as Nils Bjurman), whose last name seems to have at least one vestigial syllable. I’m not sure what he’s so upset about. Maybe a møøse bit his sister?

That’s Christopher Plummer (as Henrik Vanger) showing Daniel Craig what he looks like in the mirror. “Tuck in your f*cking shirt, you’re James Bond for Christ’s sake,” he seems to say.
Here’s Daniel Craig playing the traditional Swedish sport, “Catch the Scotch.”
[pictures via Empire]
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