New pictures from Rum Diary

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06.18.10 11 Comments

You know the film industry is screwed up when a finished, Johnny-Depp starring movie adaptation of Hunter Thompson’s The Rum Diary sits around waiting for a release date (we know it’s finished because it’s had test screenings), while the movie version of magic 8-ball and Must Love Queefs (starring Katherine Heigl) get fast tracked.  So far, all we know is that The Rum Diary will hit theaters sometime this year.  Nonetheless, it’s nice to know that movies we care about are actually out there.

These new pictures come from FilmTotaal (you can see bigger versions there) and they don’t really tell us much besides “OMG OMG, it’s Johnny Depp playing Hunter Thompson again!” (*throws wet panties at computer screen*).  The banner pic shows Johnny Depp as fictionalized Thompson protagonist Paul Kemp, Giovanni Ribisi as Moberg, the disgusting, drunken newspaper man, and the guy on the back of the motorcycle is Michael Rispoli, playing Bob Salas.  I’ve always said that Giovanni Ribisi is a highly underrated actor, but then again, f*ck him.  You think you’re better’n me?  I have a podcast.

Oh, and my blatant ploy for traffic tells me that it also stars Amber Heard. (*cough*) NAKED LESBIAN UPSKIRT NIPSLIP DOGSEX! (*cough, cough*)

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