New Skyfall clip: Bond and Q measure each others’ boners

In this new clip from Skyfall, which premieres in London tomorrow but won’t hit North America until November 9th, James Bond meets with his snot-nosed gadget man, Q (short for Quartermaster), previously played by Peter Burton, Desmond Llewelyn, Geoffrey Bayldon, Alec McCowen, and John Cleese, here portrayed by Ben Whishaw. He and James Bond have a meet-cute in an art gallery and basically just rip on each other about age the whole time.

BOND: You must be joking.

Q: Why, because I’m not wearing a lab coat?

BOND: Because you still have spots! [that’s British talk for pimples]

Q: My complexion is hardly relevant.

BOND: Your competence is.

Q: Age is no guarantee of efficiency.

BOND: And youth is no guarantee of innovation.

You know, just your basic, good old-fashioned boner measuring. For the record, Ben Whishaw is a snot-nosed young brat of 32. Also, how come in movies, when field agents meet their new computer-whiz partners, they’re never like, “Hey! Pleased to meet you! I sure can’t wait for you to help me not die! Wanna be best friends?”

Instead, they’re always pissed it’s some young kid. “This dick-fisted whippersnapper thinks he can help me? He smells like dirty diapers and his momma’s sour breast milk! Kids! Make yourself useful and fetch my diapers and BenGay!”