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04.24.08 18 Comments

Lionsgate just sent me the green-band trailer to Hamlet 2 – I posted the R-rated version last week.

Written and directed by Andrew Fleming (Dick) and co-written by Team America, South Park, and Hot Rod co-writer Pam Brady (she may just be giving foot massages to guys on their laptops, I have no idea how this co-writer thing works), Hamlet 2 stars Steve Coogan as a struggling actor-cum-struggling drama teacher who tries to win back the school’s drama department with a play he’s written himself called Hamlet 2.  Hehe, cum struggling.

Anyway, I can’t decide how I feel about this, because for every great line there are two guys getting hit in the nuts.  I don’t feel like paying to watch guys get hit in the nuts when I could see 1000 straight hours of it for free on YouTube.  I will still pay to get my nuts stomped on by a Congolese midget in stilettos, but only ’cause I’m sick like that.  

Watch the video below – or check out the lower res QT movie, the lower res WMV, or the higher res WMV.


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