New trailer for The Hangover with labia

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03.16.11 27 Comments

Okay, I know I’ve been chugging coffee and snorting lines of negativism all morning, so I’ll give you a well-earned rant respite with this new trailer for Bridesmaids, aka The Hangover for Chicks.  Ever since Drillbit Taylor, I’m a little wary of movies Judd Apatow produced but didn’t direct, but this one’s from Paul Feig, the creator of Freaks and Geeks.  Which, uh… other people seem to like a lot.  (I still respect it for all the actors it gave us…)

I also normally wouldn’t be excited about a film with such a, shall we say, transparently opportunistic premise (It’s The Hangover… FOR CHICKS!), but hey, whatever it takes to get Jon Hamm and Kristen Wiig together in the same movie.  I could do without the fat chick from Mike and Molly though.  Nothing against fatties (heck, some of my best friends are fatties), but can we stop it with the easy fat jokes already?  Okay fine, so she also seems to be lesbian.  I’ll overlook it if there’s no scene of her dancing sassily, deal?

The difference between The Hangover for dudes and The Hangover for chicks is that when girls roofie each other, it’s a lot less funny. And a lot more sexy.

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