New Transformers trailer is sky-surfy, Frances McDormand-y

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04.28.11 20 Comments

"No really, it's awesome pretending this cardboard cutout is a giant robot truck. Did you know I'm married to a Coen brother?"

OH MY GOD, DROP EVERYTHING! IT’S A NEW MICHAEL BAY MOVIE!  Don’t fight it, that’s a big deal these days.  Transformers: Dark of the Moon opens July 1st, and this time around, they really play up the aliens-invading-Earth angle that’s so hot this year (Battleship, Skyline, Cowboys and Aliens, I Am Number Four, Etc.).  Meaning this will probably make even more money than the last one. Hell, Battle Los Angeles made $200 million, and they weren’t even trying to make sense in that.  Plus, Transformers 3 has Josh Duhamel, a blinding bolt of celestial light personified, the likes of which the world never before dared dream, and will never again do without.  I’ll say this for the movie, it’s more fun to watch the giant CGI aliens smash the sh*t out of buildings than it is to watch two indistinguishable balls of CGI wrestle around in an even bigger, shinier, more indistinguishable ball of CGI.  But wait, did I say Sky Surfing?  HOLD ONTO YOUR AFFLICTION SHIRT, BROHEIM, BECAUSE I TOTALLY F*CKING DID.  (*cranks Disturbed, pours Red Bull on cat*)

Okay, maybe not sky surfing.  But whatever the hell you call this:

I do all my sky surfing from burning space planes.  I find it makes it more extreme.

[HD version available at Apple]

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