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11.10.08 59 Comments

MTV just debuted this new poster (full size) for Dance Flick, in which the Wayans brothers have done the obvious and made a spoof of Savin the Rec Center movies.  Sadly, Dance Flick isn’t nearly as good a title as Step Brothers, which was what I called Stomp the Yard.

“Basically, it’s ‘Step Up 2’ on the streets, and our Tracy Transfat character, who’s kinda like the big chubby girl from ‘Hairspray,’ got tossed into the air and lands on the car from ‘How She Move’ and blows the windows out, and so that’s the ending of the big ‘Step Up 2′ dance scene,” Shawn Wayans said.

While the style of the film will be similar in parts to the Wayans Brothers’ other spoofs, the name behind the camera won’t be. Well, not entirely.

Stepping into the spotlight is Damien Wayans — nephew to Shawn, Marlon, Keenen, et al — and a first-time director.

The brothers Wayans say Damien is every bit as funny as Damon Wayans, plus he has strong bones from drinking… Malk?

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