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09.03.09 21 Comments

The Telegraph recently took time out of their busy schedule of making up monkey attack stories to do this Where the Wild Things Are featurette on original author Maurice Sendak.  I’m posting it because it shows a few small snippets of footage from the movie, and I know this stuff is like heroin for college types.  Jesus yak-touching Christ, could they release this g’damn’d movie already?   What the hell do we have to do?  I showed Dave Eggers my personal essay, I had my GRE scores sent to Spike Jonze, and still, here we are, another month and a half before the movie comes out. I wish I’d never been born an overprivileged white intellectual.

Seriously though, am I wrong for still thinking this looks amazing?  I’m scared.  If I love it, do I have to start wearing a scarf and reading Slate?  Because I refuse.  In fact, I’m claiming it right now before the hipsters ruin it for me.  I’m not ashamed to love Spike Jonze, but so help me, I will paint my ceiling with skull fragments before I ever start reading Slate.

[via Empire]

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