New X-Men trailers better than the posters, thankfully

With the opening now less than a month away, X-Men: First Class just released a couple of new posters, and it looks like whoever’s recovering heroin-addict nephew they gave this job to hasn’t been fired yet (GRRR, LENS FLARES! POPOUTS! BLURRY BACKGROUNDS! PHOTOSHOP FILTER!). They also released three new character trailers, which thankfully look a lot better than the posters, which is good because I wasn’t looking forward to watching this with my head cocked sideways like a perplexed puppy the whole time (though I’m sure that’d be adorable).

The trailers are for The Banshee (Caleb Landry Jones from Friday Night Lights), Havok (Lucas Til), and Beast (Nicholas Hoult — the kid from About a Boy). They all seem to be various types of puberty metaphors.  Banshee can fly by screaming and making his voice crack, Havok can kill people with his violent hip thrusting (THAT’S MY MOVE!), and when Beast meets a woman, his palms sprout hair and his balls turn blue.   And if that weren’t bad enough, he’ll eventually grow up to be Kelsey Grammer.  In any case, it’s nice to see they focused on these guys and not the lesser-known mutants, like the guy who can morph into a turkey sandwich but not back again, or the one who can see through walls, but only while standing in a puddle of his own urine.