New Yogi trailer is un-BEAR-able! WAKKA WAKKA.

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09.27.10 13 Comments

Here’s the new trailer for Yogi Bear, WB’s 3d-enizing of the Hannah-Barbera sort-of classic.  If you were in our how-long-will-they-go-before-the-characters-dance-to-hip-hop pool, the folks who had “zero seconds” were the big winners.  Congratulations, Steve in accounting.  Anyway, they paid Dan Aykroyd and Justin Timberlake a bunch of money to provide the voices, and they both do Yogi and Boo-Boo impressions that leave them nearly unrecognizable.  It seems to me kind of like paying Morgan Freeman to read an entire book on tape in a Daffy Duck voice, but at least they managed not to imply that the bears have gay sex this time, so there’s that.

He’s (*fart*)er than the ave-ver-age bear!

[via IGN]

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