New Zealand Is Very Sorry, Anna Faris

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01.26.11 13 Comments

The tourism board of New Zealand has issued a formal apology to Yogi Bear and House Bunny star Anna Faris after she told talk show host George Lopez that while she was in the country filming Yogi Bear, two separate groups of older men yelled profanities at her. The precise phrases yelled at her were, “F*ck you, a**hole!” and “Show me your tits, you stupid bitch!” To be fair, I’d yell at her, too, because I’ve watched Yogi Bear.

The interview took place on Lopez’s terrible show on December 14, but the apology comes now because the tourism board had initially blown her off, adding insult to verbal injury. A spokesman for the tourism board denounced her credibility because Faris was also awarded a “Stony” by High Times magazine, but he backed off yesterday.

“The inference that Tourism NZ did not take Ms. Faris’ comments seriously is very much regretted and was certainly not intended,” Tourism New Zealand said.

“On a U.S. talk show Ms. Faris spoke about disrespectful behavior she experienced during her stay in New Zealand and as a consequence her impression of New Zealand men is, to say the least, poor.”

The agency said it would offer Faris some “great Kiwi hospitality” to make up for its comments and the vulgar behavior she experienced. (Via Associated Press)

Big whoop, some guys wanted to see her cans. Take a look at her film list on IMDB – I think we deserve a little skin at this point. Also, I’ve included the interview after the jump for any sado-masochists here, but I think we can finally sum Lopez up with one quote: “I saw Yogi Bear and I loved it.” Now I will await my formal apology from the tourism board of New Zealand for making me watch a George Lopez segment.

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