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06.12.08 101 Comments

I’d been holding off covering the rumblings about Iron Man 2 until now since it was mainly a lot of rumors and hearsay.  There were stories that Marvel was lowballing Favreau, then Favreau was quoted as saying that Marvel had set an unrealistic release date without consulting him, and then more speculation based on that, and yadda yadda yadda.  Today, there’s some less speculative sounding news to report:

The story is now that [Marvel] has put out an offer for Favreau to direct the Iron Man sequel, and that it is "much richer" than what he was paid for the first film. [Cinematical]

Marvel better give Favreau and RDJ whatever the hell they want, because as good as Iron Man was, those two are the only reason.  If you think about the script, it had pretty much every comic-book movie cliché and then some, but still managed to work because the action sequences looked cool and felt real, and because I’d watch RDJ paint a house.  If I were Jon Favreau, I’d demand a flying pink car named Princess Sparklepony.  Don’t trouble me with the details boy, make it happen!

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