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12.08.08 47 Comments

Uwe Boll with the two people who saw Postal

Details of Uwe Boll’s next project have hit the web (background on Uwe Boll: psychologically imbalanced German B-movie director most famous for taking on critics in a boxing match).

Lauren Holly and Luke Perry star in the $5 million apocalyptic thriller “The Storm,” which German filmmaker Uwe Boll is shooting in Vancouver.  Holly plays a dedicated wife and mother who must deal with the end of days scenario — all heightened by the arrival of a mysterious stranger named Silas (Perry) who holds the key to the approaching doom. [THR/Yahoo]

I want to like Uwe Boll, I really do.  Everyone ganged up on him last year, and despite the fact that his movies are awful, a lot of people who passed around the petition to stop him from making films also called Indiana Jones 4 “Another fun adventure!”  But bottom line: his movies are complete wastes of money.  Who the hell is funding this?  For $5 million, you could feed the homeless, build a robot pterodactyl, pay hookers to pull you around on a rickshaw for a year, buy a yacht, buy a bazooka, buy a yacht just to blow it up with a bazooka… the world is pretty much your oyster.  Instead we’ve got a director famous for being a failure directing a 90210 hasbeen in a script from the Roland Emmerich-reject pile.  God I hate people.

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